Передовое производство печатных плат

и электронных модулей в России, Европе, ЮВА и США


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Buried & Blind Microvias да да
Buried Capacitance (Planar) да да
Buried Resistor да да
PCB w/Cavity нет да
Conductive/non-conductive hole fill да да 
Flat-Wrap™ Technology (on the required layer) да да 
Countersink да  да
Depth Control Drill & Rout да  да 
Edge Milling да  да 
Etchback (Plasma) да  да 
Impedance (Single Ended & Differential) +/- 10%   +/- 5%
 Scoring and PCB edge Beveling да  да 
In-board Beveling нет  да 
Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) да  да 
Metal Core (Aluminum, Copper) нет  да 
Minimum inside radius  0.016” [0.4mm]  0.012” [0.3mm]
Mixed dielectrics/hybrid construction да да 
Optical Drill да да 
Sequential lamination construction да  да 
Tolerance on overall dimensions +/- 0.005” [127μm] +/- 0.002” [50μm]